Watch btyler’s Live Audition at Mission Underground New York 2016

OnlyDeFinest’s captain.btyler was one of the last few emcees to perform in the first half of Mission Underground auditions, held on Thursday, June 16.

The live auditions were held between 9am and 6pm on both Thursday and Friday. Auditions were split between groups A and B, respectively, which were broken down further into 6 time slots, and then sent on stage 5 at a time. Each group had roughly 50 registered artists, which put TeamBackpack’s estimated total at approximately 600 emcees.

The judges will be deciding which “Top 12,” of these hundreds, put on the most impressive performances.

The captain’s time-sensitive group (A6) was scheduled to assemble backstage at 4:15pm on Thursday. He was among ~53 registered auditionees in his group, and one of the last few to perform.

Like all the artists, btyler had no idea which beat would be dropped on him until he grabbed the mic and stepped onto the stage.

Watch his section-of-5 perform in the video below; btyler’s performance begins at 2:15.

He had this to say, the day after his performance:


“To be completely honest, I wasn’t really impressed with my performance. There were a whole lot of factors affecting me leading up to my stepping onstage; like the heat in the green room, or standing around the venue all day.

The sad fact is, even if I did believe that I was, or am, one of the 12 best artists in that building, I know full and well that I did not put on a Top 12 performance. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. It just sucks.

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll find out that the judges value potential and star power. Regardless, I’m proud that we made it all the way out here, and represented Brown County, Bloomington, and all of Indiana. We’ve received a ton of support from our fans, friends, and families, and that means the world to us. 

We’re still incredibly grateful of our opportunity to make it out to New York for Mission Underground 2016. If we have to return next year, I know we’ll have things prepared differently. Until then, I’ll be happy for any of the emcees who make it into the Top 12.”


The Top 12 emcees will be announced at the final day of the MUNY conference, which begins at noon on Saturday, June 18. Tune into TeamBackpack’s website to watch the announcements, and the Top 12 Bar Fight, live as it happens!

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