Captain.btyler (Finally) Releases Year-Old Remix of Drake’s “Draft Day”

It’s here.

Tonight marks that legendary annual event, where 60 young athletes will be selected by 30 teams, in hopes of becoming the pivotal piece of a future championship team.

Tonight, the NBA welcomes its 2016 rookie class of collegiate and international basketball players into the prestigious league.

Two years ago, Drake released Draft Day, which became another off-album classic by the co-founder of OVO Sound. A year later, OnlyDeFinest’s captain.btyler finished a demo of his own remix to the song, but it was never released for unknown reasons.

That is, until today, the afternoon before the 2016 NBA Draft. Never the most punctual, btyler’s demo released with glaring faults and inconsistencies. It wasn’t properly mastered, the doubles are sketchy, and his topics seemed less than organized. But it still sounds like a fun track.

Captain.btyler had this to say about the timeliness of the track’s debut:

I wanted to wait to release this track until I had finished my mixtapes, ELiTE [8] and R.O.O.K. Then, I woke up this morning and remembered what day it was, and thought about rerecording the entirety of the track. Unfortunately, that would include rewriting several bars to update it for relevancy (which would mean removing George Hill’s mention from the track). 

Based on technical difficulties in the studio, and these facts alone, I decided that it was better to have a sub-par song released in a timely fashion, than to update it for useless reasons, and be another day/week/year late. 

So I hope you enjoy this track! 

The Captain also mentioned the possibility of several upcoming projects, but stayed tight-lipped on those specific subjects. He only let loose a tidbit about “One Time For The One Time,” his upcoming project with Justice 5bands:

I don’t want to reveal too much about what we have in the works. I will say that this project with me and [Justice] is going to be pretty hot. Like, triple fire emoji hot. I’ll be surprised if it isn’t completely finished in a month, with a solid 13 or 14 tracks. We worked together yesterday, and were discussing concepts for three different songs. So we’re not really gonna release the project until we feel it’s done; and for now, we still have some stories to tell. 

“Draft Day” was released on June 23, 2016. The track features vocal clips from NBA Commissioner Adam Silver (as well as a primordial grunt by former commissioner David Stern), and ESPN commentators Steve Levy, Jay Bilas, Jay Williams, and (former Indiana Pacer) Jalen Rose.

Their comments in the song were taken from their description of D’Angelo Russell, who was picked second in the 2015 NBA Draft. The Cap playfully manipulates these quotes to appear to define himself, and gloat on his abilities (“he makes really good decisions,” “he doesn’t look, he sees,” “he can deliver like very few that I’ve seen,” “not saying he’s gonna be as good, we’re talking about the reigning MVP,” “I like that he’s smooth! And he’s crafty!”)

The album art features a photo of Pacers sophomore Myles Turner, moments after getting drafted to his new professional team.

One Time For The One Time” still has no scheduled release date, but is expected to hit the ‘Net before the end of Summer 2016.

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