ODF’s new (MediaLife) brand releases the inaugural “Friday Night Fresh”

It’s been a pretty wild year for the folks at OnlyDeFinest.

In their latest announcement, they explained “ODF(MediaLife)” to be the umbrella brand representing their network of upcoming video series. It is unknown whether these videos will be heavily featured here at onlydefinest.com.

The groundbreaking first episode was the first Friday Night Fresh, a what’s-what of new music, art, locales and other points of interest.

Host and ODF co-founder, Captain.btyler, jumped onto Facebook Live with the inaugural episode, bringing attention to the release of ODF labelmate Zach Bates’ debut EP, “Latter Day Saint,” which hit digital shelves September 30th. He also discussed an upcoming show at Bloomington’s Players Pub on Friday, October 21st.

As would be expected, the Cap experienced some technical difficulties during one of the first segments of the show, but he recovered with minimal grace.

All the information can be found in the video below (show starts after 4mins).

Video filmed live in the Beehive, using OBS connected to FB Live.

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