OnlyDeFinest (ODF) is an Indiana-based collective for artists and entertainers of all mediums, including, but far from limited to: music, film, photography, digital design, fashion, and traditional/unorthodox physical media (painting, sculpture, etc.).

ODF’s mission is to represent, promote, and support local artists of all types, with the goal to eventually become an independent record label and production company.

ODF was originally co-founded by brothers btyler and dozy (B. Tyler Margison and Zach Bates), and are supported in many facets by their parents (Rodney + Linda), and dozy’s twin-from-another-bin (W. Wesley Schrimsher).

OnlyDeFinest began as December’s Finest in 2014 with the release of their debut mixtape, “103rd & LEX.” They converted from a “hip-hop group” to an artistic collective of entertainers at the start of 2016, and continue their journey into global relevancy.